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1-Click WP SEO 4.0 WordPress Plugin # 1 of Google 1 click?

1-Click WP SEO 4.0 WordPress Plugin | Page 1 of Google with 1 click?

1-Click WP SEO 4.0

What is 1-Click WP SEO?

1-Click WP SEO 4.0 allows anyone to optimize all the posts and pages on their site, for the keywords they want, with a single click. The plugin has been updated to work with the latest Google algorithm changes.

This is a WordPress plugin that people actually want. It helps users optimize their posts and pages for the search engines really quickly. The testimonials speak for themselves.
1-Click WP SEO 4.0

1-Click WP SEO Overview

Vendor: George Katsoudas
Product: 1-Click WP SEO 4.0 WP Plugin
Launch Date: 2013-10-16
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27/$47
Official Website: Click to Visit Official Website 1-Click WP SEO 4.0
Bonus: Yes – Clicking here
Niche: SEO & Traffic

1-Click WP SEO Review

Optimizing your sites for the search engines is *simple*, but it’s also BORING and takes a lot of TIME and ENERGY – unless you automate the process…

I just came across this really cool SEO WordPress plugin that optimizes all your posts and pages for Google with just 1 click, pretty amazing for those in need of wordpress seo services.


– You go to the mass-optimization screen, check the SEO factors you want to apply, enter your desired keyword for each post or page and click
the “Mass Optimize” button. Done!

– Then, the plugin will automatically optimize your posts and pages for your chosen keywords: It will add H1, H2, bold, italics, underline, rename your image (if it exists) to “your-chosen-keyword.jpeg”, add image alt tag, link to the post itself, link to the homepage, modify permalinks, and add related search terms (from Bing) at the bottom of your content…

– The plugin has just been updated to automatically avoid any over-optimization penalty. This means that you only stand to get more traffic by using it…


“does it all with one click…”

Just when I thought it was impossible to top his last WP plugin, George Katsoudas has done it again with 1-Click WP SEO. It is plain to me that George is in a league of his own when it comes to WP. Bravo!

I’ve been using this plugin for a few days now, and the benefits are showing up immediately in my search rankings. I no longer have to pull out my cheat sheet to make sure I have all of the necessary elements in my blog posts. This plugin does it all with one click. It also adds related search terms to my posts, something Google loves but which is always overlooked by most bloggers.

I don’t have to tell you how important SEO is to your monetized WP blog. The difference between #1 and #3 is equal to a lot of money. George’s 1-Click WP SEO has the potential to fine tune your SEO and give you that extra boost that will translate to money in your pocket. If George were a baseball player, he’d break records because he hits a home run every time with his amazing tools.

Scotty Rushing

“Easy to use…”

With software we want quality, and George did listen to us. His latest WordPress plugin is no exception.

Easy installation. Easy to use. He did not give a tutorial on how to use the plugin, but even the most thech-unsavvy user can use this plugin with the greatest of ease.

Just write your post, insert your keyword and click update. The plugin do all of the rest on page SEO for you. EASY.

Way to go George. Your 1 Click SEO plugin for WordPress is the greatest.

Abraham Van Der Linde

“works like a charm…”

I must say that I am fortunate to review another plugin for George. I have reviewed his Amazon plugin and built 2-3 sites based on that. This is another good one from him.

I was using SEOPressor and EasyWPSEO for optimising blog posts. However I had to bold, italicize the keywords myself which takes a couple of minutes of my time for every post. This 1 click onsite SEO plugin saves the time for me.

The plugin works like a charm and doesn’t eat bandwidth or loading time of the page (Best part, in my opinion)

Kudos & Cheers

Sam (narayanan86 on Warrior Forum)

…. And more

How about the Price Of 1-Click WP SEO 4.0?

1-Click WP SEO WordPress Plugin : $27+ ( Purchase )

1-Click WP SEO – OTO1 (WP Stealth Note Personal License Special Price) : $20 ( Purchase )

1-Click WP SEO WordPress Plugin Developer’s License : $47+ ( Purchase )

1-Click WP SEO – OTO2 (WP Stealth Note Developer’s License Special Price) : $30 ( Purchase )

PS. The plugin has a 10-times-your-money-back guarantee. Either it helps you make 10 times your investment back within 2 months of using it, or you pay nothing. The creator of the plugin is that confident in it.

The price goes up with every single sale. This goes for both the personal and the developer’s license.

Thanks for reading my short 1-Click WP SEO 4.0 Review blog. To Download 1-Click WP SEO 4.0, Please click the button below:

1-Click WP SEO 4.0

Please check my HUGE Bonus Package at here!

1-Click WP SEO 4.0

To your success,

David Quan

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