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WP Generation Plugin

WP Generation Plugin WP Generation Plugin Overview Creator: ISH Marketing Product: WP Generation Plugin Niche: Software, WP Plugin Launch Day : 2014 - 03 – 03 Launch Time :11:00 AM EST Cost : $17 What’s WP Generation Plugin? Skyrocket Your Opt-in Rate By As Much As 500% And Make Real Lists Without Bogus Emails Automatically! Turn Your WordPress Blog Or Website Into List-building Machine Turning Your Site visitors Into Customers Constantly Next Day Of Day, Every Month, And All Sorts Of Year Lengthy. 8 Highly Transforming Tools In 1 Mighty Plugin. If you have a WordPress web log and looking out to develop your opt-in list effectively, then you definitely go back to the right place using the correct product here. the entire method from installation, integration and … [Read more...]

1-Click WP SEO 4.0 WordPress Plugin | Page 1 of Google with 1 click?

What is 1-Click WP SEO? 1-Click WP SEO 4.0 allows anyone to optimize all the posts and pages on their site, for the keywords they want, with a single click. The plugin has been updated to work with the latest Google algorithm changes. This is a Wordpress plugin that people actually want. It helps users optimize their posts and pages for the search engines really quickly. The testimonials speak for themselves. 1-Click WP SEO Overview Vendor: George Katsoudas Product: 1-Click WP SEO 4.0 WP Plugin Launch Date: 2013-10-16 Launch Time: 11:00 EDT Front-End Price: $27/$47 Official Website: Click to Visit Official Website 1-Click WP SEO 4.0 Bonus: Yes - Clicking here Niche: SEO & Traffic 1-Click WP SEO Review Optimizing your sites for the search engines is *simple*, but … [Read more...]

Viral Traffic Plugin : Free traffic from Google+, Facebook, Twitter

What is Viral Traffic Plugin? Viral Traffic Plugin is a software tool so powerful it can help you generate an Unlimited supply of free traffic. Starting TODAY, you can generate 100% FREE traffic to as many websites as you want, and do it faster and easier than any other way… Viral Traffic Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to “hide” any content on your site behind a social sharing box… for visitors to view the content, they just need to +1 it on Google, Like it on Facebook, or Tweet it on Twitter. 1 click and they can view the content… and you can get free viral traffic to your site from the top 3 social networks Google+, Facebook, Twitter! Viral Traffic Plugin Overview Vendor: Brett Ingram Product: Viral Traffic Plugin Launch Date: 2013-10-08 Launch … [Read more...]

WP Backup Plus | Full Automated WordPress Back Up Review

What is WP Backup Plus? WP Backup Plus is a unique solution for WordPress that every single WP user needs Using WordPress is awesome until: You Get hacked You or a user make a change that messes up your sites Your server is injected with viruses Guess what, not only do these things happen, they are bound to happen to you eventually if they haven’t already. It’s more common than you think. WP Backup Plus Overview Vendor: Ryan Shaw Product: WP Backup Plus Launch Date: 2013-09-21 Launch Time: 10:00 EDT Front-End Price: $97 Official Website: Visit Official Website WP Backup Plus Bonus: Yes - Clicking here Niche: Software The Solution Of WP Backup Plus? Instant full restore of any WordPress website you use at any time for any reason that’s stored on a remote … [Read more...]

WP Rank Ninja – Page #1 Ranking in ANY Local Niche With Ninja Technigues

What is WP Rank Ninja? WP Rank Ninja is a powerful all in one SEO  plugin. This is a complete unique type of plugin unlike anything ever released to the IM market place. This Premium WordPress Plugin Covertly Creates Friendly Content and Stealthily Converts SPAM into SEO Friendly Links, Comments and so much more. As you’re reading this now, a new dimension in SEO domination has just been released on the internet it will help to rank your local business sites for ANY Local keyword you target on first page of Google in record time. As far as generating thousands of quality BACKLINKS, I’ve never seen a MORE POWERFUL software that gets the job done at lightening FAST SPEED. The software comes full loaded with so much awesome features that you'll think their crazy to be selling a such … [Read more...]

Content Gorilla Review – Auto build content campaigns on Facebook

What is Content Gorilla? Content Gorilla is a Wordpress plugin that will allow users to publish content from Amazon,Youtube,Yahoo,RSS,Flickr and articles. It will also allow the user to publish this content in any language. On top of that not only can use build content campaigns on wordpress they can also publish content on Tumblr. This is not content syndication. Users can create unique campaigns to publish on Tumblr. This is just a quick post to let you know about something SUPER cool that is happening right now in the blogging sphere. If you run a blog or you want to start a blog to make money online then I strongly recommend your check this out In a nutshell it takes the work out of your hands and publishes unique campaigns on your blog, tumblr account, blogger and Facebook … [Read more...]

WP Keyword Boss – Is Your Keyword Research Software Obsolete?

What is WP Keyword Boss? WP Keyword Boss is the hottest new plugin in the town. It is creating so much buzz that we are getting messages even from Blackhat forums that they want to buy WP Keyword Boss Original Version. Now the version 2 is so much powerful that we are already receiving lots of people who are interested in getting on board asap. WP Keyword Boss Overview Vendor: Nick Cooper Product: WP Keyword Boss Launch Date: 2013-09-10 Launch Time: 11:00 EDT Front-End Price: $27 Official Website: Visit Official Website WP Keyword Boss Bonus: Yes - Clicking here Niche: SEO & Traffic WP Keyword Boss Review WP Keyword Boss V1 is a powerful wordpress plugin which helps you in your keyword research by generating keywords from … [Read more...]

WP SEO Ninja 2.0 Review – Best 6 in 1 SEO Plugin WordPress Online

What is WP SEO Ninja 2.0 Review? WP SEO Ninja 2.0 Review is hands down the best 6 in 1 SEO plugin currently available in the market. Its packed with features that have proven to work post penguin and panda and is exactly what the search engines want. WP SEO Ninja 2.0 is Broken up in 6 parts and each part plays a important role in catapulting your sites to the top of google. WP SEO Ninja 2.0 Overview Vendor: Herman Dias Product: WP SEO Ninja 2.0 Launch Date: 2013-08-29 Launch Time: 11:00 EDT Front-End Price: $27 Official Website: Visit Official Website WP SEO Ninja 2.0 Now Bonus: Yes - Clicking here Niche: SEO & Traffic What's In WP SEO Ninja 2.0? WP SEO Ninja 2.0 Optimizer : Optimized your content using 24 proven on page … [Read more...]

SEO X-Ray Hero Review – Cool Plugin SEO For WordPress

What is SEO X-Ray Hero Review? SEO X-Ray Hero Review is a plugin SEO for Wordpress, it will help you how to rank your site on the top of Google search engine. you can use it very easy and Too much cool benefits. SEO X-Ray Hero has two options.  An awesome lite edition with an awesome upgrade edition as well. While the video explains the features of the SEO X-Ray Hero plugin towards the top of the page, one thing to draw out is how you can see what the common phrases are for the top 10 sites of Google and even drill down further if you like. Another thing is the additional data options you have along with the tag generator and insert options that blend in perfectly with On Page SEO. SEO X-Ray Hero Overview Vendor: James Carter Product: SEO X-Ray Hero Launch … [Read more...]

FB Post Engine Review – Massive Facebook Marketing WordPress plugin

FB Post Engine Review Hi, David Quan here, and thanks for your interest in FB Post Engine Review . Trust me – you won’t be disappointed. This FB Post Engine will revolutionize the facebeook marketing game, for offfline, online and anything in between. The main of FB Post Engine product is a WordPress plugin which makes it very easy for Facebook posts to go viral. FB Post Engine Overview Vendor: Abe Storey Product: FB Post Engine Launch Date: 2013-08-22 Launch Time: 13:00 EDT Front-End Price: $37 Official Website: Click to Visit Official Website FB Post Engine Bonus: Yes - Clicking here Niche: Software How Does FB Post Engine Work? FB Post Engine works like this: You set up the FB Post Engine plugin on your website and … [Read more...]

WP Neo Mobile Review – WordPress Plugin New Mobile Fusion Technology Is Live!

What is WP Neo Mobile Review? WP Neo Mobile Review is a very powerful 2 in 1 WordPress plugin that can be used to create beautiful & stunning smartphone and tablet versions of your wordpress websites. Today I’m extremely excited to about a very powerful new plugin that my friend OJ James & Fred P  has just released to the general pubic at a ridiculously low discounted price, It’s a powerful new mobile fusion technology that transforms your simple wordpress site for smartphones and tablet viewing in 4 simple steps. If you should do a quick search online you will see countless amounts of success stories from ordinary people making over 4-5 figures month providing mobile website design services to business owners who need to keep there site up to speed with the mobile frenzy … [Read more...]

SEO Domination King Review – killer SEO WordPress plugin

What is SEO Domination King Review? SEO Domination King Review is a software that has Newbies raking in profits hand over fist so fast its making Gurus who did things the "Old Fashioned Way" Dangerously..... Jealous. First time offered! new product just developed. Repeat the words from the sales copy - product benefits... SEO Domination King Overview Vendor: Mark Anderson et al Product: SEO Domination King Review Launch Date: 2013-09 Launch Time: 11:00 EDT Front-End Price: $17 Official Page: Visit Official Website SEO Domination King Bonus: Yes - Clicking here Niche: Software , SEO, Wordpress Plugin Here are benefits of SEO Domination King Review: Do extensive keyword research right in your wordpress dashboard. Optimize … [Read more...]

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