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WP Generation Plugin

WP Generation Plugin

WP Generation Plugin Overview

Creator: ISH Marketing

Product: WP Generation Plugin

Niche: Software, WP Plugin

Launch Day : 2014 – 03 – 03

Launch Time :11:00 AM EST

Cost : $17

What’s WP Generation Plugin?

  • Skyrocket Your Opt-in Rate By As Much As 500% And Make Real Lists Without Bogus Emails Automatically!
  • Turn Your WordPress Blog Or Website Into List-building Machine
  • Turning Your Site visitors Into Customers Constantly Next Day Of Day, Every Month, And All Sorts Of Year Lengthy. 8 Highly Transforming Tools In 1 Mighty Plugin.
  • If you have a WordPress web log and looking out to develop your opt-in list effectively, then you definitely go back to the right place using the correct product here. the entire method from installation, integration and personalization is simple to follow-through using the training manual and finest,

WP Generation Plugin Review

To review of WP Generation Plugin, I set up a separate autoresponder list for each of the methods of list building that the WP Generation Plugin allows and for three different sites. I wanted to know if these tools really made a difference and which worked best.

After doing this test, I can say two things with complete confidence.
Number 1: I will be installing WP Generation Plugin on each and every one of my WordPress controlled sites.
Number 2: My test results yield some ‘surprises’?

Essentially, no one tool worked best. Though, and much to my personal disappointment and continued annoyance, the pop up tool did the best over all across all sites.

That is, on a more traditional blog, the tool that allowed me to get an email address in the footer of the site design worked the very best. Now, I could ‘come up with’ a reason why that’s true. However, that’s really why we test. I never would have thought this before testing.

On a ‘mini-site’ selling an information product, the more traditional placements performed well and the pop up produced the biggest results.

Even my membership site, pointed to a different method as best.

Perhaps that’s the biggest value in the WP Generation Plugin, which you can get at [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK].  Specifically, it is a complete solution to opt in list building. While the author, Sam Zadworny promises to make updates in the future free, I’m not sure what other design real estate exists to exploit for list building. All the same, it’s nice to know that when WordPress changes or a security update is required, you won’t have to pay again.

While I personally wish there were a free trial option, the cost of the software is low enough and there is a 60-day refund period (something I personally as a fellow marketer never really like to use), that taking the plunge is simple and sensible.

Given the thought put into this product, I hope there is more to come from Zadworny; however, if this is the only work, he will go down like those great American Novelists who produce one amazing work and are not heard from again.

WP Generation Plugin Features

POPUP BOX : Unblockable, beautiful lightbox popup boxes. Increase opt-in rate by 300% or more with just this tool.

SLIDING PANEL : Panels sliding from top, bottom, left or right. Perfect to display special offers and combine with Popup Boxes.

HEADER BAR : Various types of header bars. Displays always in fixed position on top of the page.

FOOTER BAR : Various types of footer bars. Displays always in fixed position at the bottom of the page.

SIDEBAR BOX : Add one of 4 different opt-in boxes to your sidebar. Perfect for squeeze pages.

IN-POST OPT-IN : Add an opt-in box anywhere in your posts and pages. Designed to be integrated with page content.

SPECIAL BOXES : Let your visitors register with your blog with Popup Box, contact your with fancy contact form and more!

EXIT POPUP : Catch your exit traffic easily and effectively with unblockable exit popup box. This tool is used by all internet marketing gurus.


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Thanks for reading my short WP Generation Plugin Review, to download WP Generation Plugin. Please click the link below:

Download WP Generation Plugin Now

WP Generation Plugin

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