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WP Lead Magnet Review – Triple your leads (proof inside)

Thanks for stopping at my WP Lead Magnet Review blog. Hope you like WP Lead Magnet! What do you get when you take all the best list building features and roll them into one, badass plugin? If you’ve ever struggled to get more leads from your WordPress site, then you’re going to love this. This is the exact same solution that the most successful bloggers like Neil Patel are using to explode their audience. There is literally nothing else like this on the market (and everyone else will be scrambling to catch up…) It has everything you could ever want from a great lead capture strategy… BUT… It’s dead simple to use. It’s easy to pick from multiple lightboxes, sidebar opt-ins, content blocker and more. WP Lead Magnet Review Today, most websites have a free offer of some kind in … [Read more...]

WP Cliff Hanger Review – The First Of It’s Kind Plugin for IMers

Thanks for stopping  at my WP Cliff Hanger Review blog. Hope you like it! WP Cliff Hanger Review   Vendor: Anwesh Rath Product: WP Cliff Hanger Launch Date: 2013-08-22 Launch Time: 11:00 EDT Front-End Price: $10 Official Website: Visit The Official Website WP Cliff Hanger Now! Bonus: Yes - Clicking here Niche: Affiliate Marketing  What is WP Cliff Hanger? WP Cliff Hanger is a first of it’s kind plugin that allows you to create Cliff Hanger Salespages and Squeeze pages with point and Click ease. WP Cliff Hanger copies are proven to convert like crazy is are definitely underused in our industry. However, top copywriters from around the world absolutely vouch for WP Cliff Hanger copies. WP Cliff Hanger helps you create pages … [Read more...]

The Honest Ultimate List Building Phobia Review

List Building Phobia Overview Vendor: Shoun Morgan Product: List building phobia Launch Date: 2013-07-20 Launch Time: 14:00 EDT Front-End Price: $7-$14 Office Page: Bonus: Yes : Clicking here Niche: List Building What is List Building Phobia? List building phobia is never seen before list building course, Totally different from other list building courses out there. We have not only mentioned the unique methods to make list quickly instead we have also mentioned that how the old method of list building are out-dated now and use of them can be dangerous and time wasting also. This eBook contains all the unique material come after months of research and all the methods described in this eBook are currently … [Read more...]

Squeeze Page Genie Review

Squeeze Page Genie Overview – Brett Ingram Creator Vendor: Brett Ingram Product: Squeeze Page Genie Launch Date: 2013-07-22 Front-End Price: $27 Office Page: Bonus: Yes : Clicking here Niche: General Practically, any Internet Marketer certainly knows that a Squeeze Page Genie is an effective tool that can help you to be very successful in online marketing, and also in creating a list of prospects. This is because when it comes to internet marketing campaign, your subscribers form the backbone and the integral part of your marketing campaign. However, in any case, you will need a web page that will capture useful information for follow up marketing; in short, you will need a quality Squeeze Page Genie. It is without … [Read more...]

Honest List Frenzy Build List Fast Training Package

  List Frenzy Overview Vendor: Anton Nadilo et al Product: List Frenzy Launch Date: 2013-07-13 Launch Time: 09:00 EDT Front-End Price: $17-$27 Office Page: Bonus : Yes : Clicking here Niche: List Building What is List Frenzy? Obviously your list wants to earn an income online and most if not ALL of them are likely struggling to find something that works for them. List Frenzy will put an end to their struggles and frustrations…PERIOD ! We are convinced List Frenzy is the best and fastest shortcut to real results and money in their PayPal accounts from day one and that’s exactly what your list is after…no doubt. Budget or no budget…results are guaranteed ! List Frenzy is an exceptional list building … [Read more...]

Twist List Building “Insider Secrets Of Pro Marketers”

  Vendor: Craig Williams Product: Twist List Building "Insider Secrets Of Pro Marketers" Launch Date: 2013-07-09 Launch Time: 16:00 EDT Front-End Price: $7 Office Page: twist list building Dot com Bonus : Yes : Clicking here Niche: List Building   Dear Struggling Marketer, If you want to make money, you've got to sell something. No two ways about it. Sure, you could get rich off Adsense, but who knows when Google will slam you. One of the reasons that IM is so tough for so many people is that us IMers don't have such a stellar reputation. No matter WHAT you're selling, and HOW BAD people want this, people's scam filters are going to be set to kill. That's why having trust, rapport and familiarity is absolutely … [Read more...]

Optin Emperor Reviews – List Building High Converting Splash Pages

Optin Emperor Overview Vendor: Precious Ngwu Product: Optin Emperor Launch Date: 2013-07-22 Launch Time: 11:00 EDT Front-End Price: $29 Office Page: Bonus : Yes : Clicking here Niche: List Building I do not recommend you to visit the official site without reading my review, because this is one of the most thorough and objective reviews you can see out there. So what is Optin Emperor? Optin Emperor is a WordPress Plugin with a slick UI and step-by-step wizard for building high converting splash pages just like all the big boys… Fortune 500 Companiee, 6 and 7 figure marketers all around the world use welcome splash pages on their websites to capture targeted leads with ease and that’s because it works better … [Read more...]

Webinar Express Review

  What is Webinar Express Review? Webinar Express Review is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to register and conduct webinars using any live video feed like Google Hangouts and UStream. Instead of paying $500 a month for a GoToWebinar account, utilize this powerful plugin of which includes: Webinar Express Customizable Registration Templates AR Integration (Facebook Connect Option) Live Webinar Templates Q&A / Chat Features Video Feed Embed Replay Templates (w/ Countdown Timer) Call to Action Buy Buttons In-Webinar Social Sharing (Google Contacts, Google+, Facebook “Invite Your Friends to the Webinar”) Attendee Reports Webinar Express Overview Product Authors: Mark Thompson, Anthony Devine, Dylan Jones Product Name:  Webinar Express Release Date: … [Read more...]

Definitive Solo Ad Rolodex Review – Great ways to begin driving traffic

The Definitive Solo Ad Rolodex 2013 Overview Vendor: David Eisner Product name: The Definitive Solo Ad Rolodex 2013 Review Launch Date: Tuseday, May 28th 2013 Launch Time: 8:00 AM PST, 11:00 Noon EST, 4:00 PM GMT Price: @9.90 Sales Page: The Definitive Solo Ad Rolodex 2013 Niche Market: List Building Bonus Package: Click Here to get Huge Bonus. Are you looking for great ways to begin driving traffic to your website? Do you want more traffic with great conversion rates? What if you could find a product that would bring you more traffic and offer great conversion rates – all for an affordable price? If you’re tired of paying big bucks for pay per click ads that don’t pay off, you may want to check out some of The Definitive Solo Ad Rolodex 2013 Review. This product is a great … [Read more...]

Traffic Recon Review