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WP Lead Magnet Review – Triple your leads (List Building)

WP Lead Magnet Review – Triple your leads (proof inside)


Thanks for stopping at my WP Lead Magnet Review blog. Hope you like WP Lead Magnet!

What do you get when you take all the best list building features and roll them into one, badass plugin? If you’ve ever struggled to get more leads from your WordPress site, then you’re going to love this. This is the exact same solution that the most successful bloggers like Neil Patel are using to explode their audience. There is literally nothing else like this on the market (and everyone else will be scrambling to catch up…)

It has everything you could ever want from a great lead capture strategy… BUT… It’s dead simple to use.

It’s easy to pick from multiple lightboxes, sidebar opt-ins, content blocker and more.

WP Lead Magnet Review

WP Lead Magnet ReviewToday, most websites have a free offer of some kind in exchange for name and email.

Unfortunately, because they haven’t learned how to adapt to the way visitors digest information and see value, conversion rates are usually dismally low. No one likes to have low conversions.

With WP Lead Magnet, your free lunch is promoted in the highest converting locations, with the highest proven converting methods and timing built right in. Not to mention it’s all been PROVEN to convert.

WP Lead Magnet’s even a breeze to setup, within seconds you’ll be up and running.

While there are other plugins available that utilize some of these methods, WP Lead Magnet goes one step further with site-wide conversion intelligence. The unique ability to react when your prospect converts for the first time.

This means, after a visitor converts on any of your offers (lightboxes, sidebar, comment, content blocker etc).. they won’t see any other opt-in offers. Instead, the plugin knows you converted that visitor and free’s up that valuable space for your other engaging content. How slick is that?

The Only Site Maximizer EVER That Dynamically
Increases Conversions & Sales While Using Your Best
Webspace AutoMagically to Increase Conversions by 317%

WP Lead Magnet ReviewWP Lead Magnet Overview

Vendor: Travis Ketchum
Product: WP Lead Magnet
Launch Date: 2013-08-30
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $19
Official Website: Visit Official Website WP Lead Magnet
Bonus: Yes – Clicking here
Niche: List Building

Why WP Lead Magnet is better than Popup Domination!

  • In This WP Lead Magnet List Building , You can See how Neil Patel tripled his opt-ins overnight
  • Get the definitive answer on which opt-in plugin is best
  • Learn why top marketers are changing their strategy
  • Understand why “opt-in intelligence” matters

What Makes WP Lead Magnet Unique?

wplm-boxIn a sea of me too WordPress plugins, WP Lead Magnet does what no other plugin can do. We’ve given your sidebar opt-in, entry lightbox, exit light box, subscribe via comment and even a content blocker that all talk to each other.

This means that when someone opts-in to your free offer, your entire site will change it’s behavior. This let’s you get significantly more aggressive with your lead capture, but surgically change your approach after someone opts-in.

This isn’t the clone of Popup Domination or Hybrid Connect that you may think it is. Instead this an entirely new approach to capturing leads on your WordPress site, and the results are astounding. (As in 3x as good as the competition)

How About The Price Of WP Lead Magnet?

WP Lead Magnet in FE : $19 ( Purchase : WP Lead Magnet Unlimited )

WP Lead Magnet Developer  : $37 ( Purchase : WP Lead Magnet Developer )


The Only Site Maximizer EVER That Dynamically Increases Conversions & Sales While Using Your Best Webspace AutoMagically to Increase Conversions by 317%

For the next 7 days ONLY you’ll be getting a 60% discount. This is the real deal.. after 7 days the price will jump up. Grap WP Lead Magnet Inaction before too late!

P.S. You’ve NEVER seen a list building plugin that’s this slick. I really wish I had this when I was getting started.

Thanks for reading my short WP Lead Magnet Review blog, To Download WP Lead Magnet, Please click the button below:

WP Lead Magnet Review

Please check my HUGE Bonus Package at here!

WP Lead Magnet Review

To your success online!

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