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Honest Insta Member Review-Will Insta Member work effective

Honest Insta Member Review-Will Insta Member work effectively?

Insta Member

Insta Member

Hi Guy!

Today I’ll  review a new product launch Insta member for every body who want to get it for their jobs. This product has many feature new and useful for a website use Instant Membership Sites. This product is one of the wordpress plugin, very easy to use.

Product Information:

Vendor: Lester Lim et al
Product: InstaMember
Launch Date: 2013-06-24
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $37-$47
Office Page:
Niche: Software

Product Features:

  • Easy to install and so simple to use that anybody can do it even if they have ZERO experience with membership sites!
  • Integrates seamlessly with PayPal, ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior+, Digiresults and most other shopping cart/affiliate platforms, including the new DEAL GUARIAN.
  • Integrates with all major Autoresponders including aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, iContact, Constant Contact, Etc …
  • Built-in Affilate Programs + able to handle two-teir affiliate programs.
  • Protect content management: Easily protect which members see which content by post, page, local files, or Amazon S3 files and schedule your content based on days, weeks, months, years or set it per exact date(mm/dd/yy). You can also set when it will expire too.
  • Options for Auto or Manual registration and account upgrades: You have the options to set insta Member to automatically registers a member, Or have them register their account, after their purchase. Also upgrades their account automatically whenever they purchase any additional offers/upsells.
  • Account sharing prevention, brute-force login limit, brute-force login delay, brute-force login recaptcha, block email/IP addresses.
  • More unique features: Auto-switch payment button, built-in support system, Gowebinar Auto intgration, One-click Upsell, Etc… And for developer license users there’s a built-in coupon discount.
  • And more …

Why you choose Insta Member?

Please Listening our customer:

As a massive fan of Instabuilder I was delighted to be asked to give Insta Member a spin.

I have invested a lot in various membership site and delivery systems over the past few years and Insta Member is hands-down the best one I have come across to date.

Having gone through with a deliberatly critical eye, everything I have thought would  trip it up… hasn’t. It fully integrates with all the major payment providers out there  and even has a support desk and license system with full API built right in!

It’s not just a membership system – its a full blown management system with every bell and whistle you could imagine.

Suzanna has thought of everything – and then some.

The admin interface is so clean and intuative that you probably won’t need to look at the  nicely laid out and detailed manuals. This gets 11 out of 10! Three thumbs up and 6 out of five gold stars! Yes it really is that  good. This is going to become the membership, content delivery and management system of choice for anyone selling digital content.

I love it.

– Andy “net66″ Brocklehurst


Let me be clear – this membership software is a game changer! Part of my business as a product creator has me setting up multiple membership sites with my own products and training areas and never before have I seen a membership software so easy to use and configure…ever! I’ve tried a whole ton of membership software plugins before including S2 Member, DAP and Wishlist amongst others but Instamember blows them all out of the water – why? Because Instamember actually makes setting up a membership site as simple as wordpress makes setting up websites – it’s so nice to navigate, no crazy menu systems here which takes ages to get up and running – I did not even have to read the user guide it is so intuitive.

But that’s not all – the best thing for me about Instamember is the way in which it integrates fully with a whole host of Payment Systems including JVZoo, Digiresults, Clickbank, Deal Guardian and Paypal to name but a few – imagine how much easier life could be if you could get them all to work seamlessly – this is something I have been searching for and with Instamember it’s no longer a pipe dream.

The crazy thing is I have only just scratched the surface with what Instamember can do and how it’s going to make my business not only more productive but easier to manage on a day by day basis – I can’t wait to start using the Gowebinar auto integration as well as the drip feed features. Honestly, this is by far the best membership plugin I have come across and I have no hesitation in recommending you check this out NOW! If you are looking to set up any type of membership site in the near future and if you value both your time as a business as well as wanting the best on the market right now Instamember is the only way to go! This membership plugin absolutely rocks!

– Rylan Clayne


Insta MemberA huge chunk of business comes in the form of member sites. I manage 3 large member sites (1,000+ members) as well as 4 smaller sites in various niche markets. As you might imagine, this makes me a bit on the nit-picky side when it comes to member software.

I’ve used them all, and have spent the better part of the last 12 months looking for something better than what’s out there. I don’t want to name names when it comes to what I’ve been using up until last week, but let’s just say that my “wish-list” of features has grown as I found myself constantly needing to duct-tape multiple plugins together just to get my membership sites to function the way I wanted them to. (Obnoxious)

When I uploaded InstaMember to one of my sites for the first time, I purposely chose one of my smaller sites as I was expecting to find yet another membership plugin that had a few cool features, but lacked in about half a dozen other areas just like all the others…

I’ve never been so happy to be proven dead wrong in my life! I hate to sound like a slobbering fan-boy here, but you need to understand just how amazing it felt to finally have a membership admin panel that actually makes sense, sets up quickly, and even gives me my own affiliate area, support desk, and 1-click upsells!

I could go on, and on about all the nice little surprise and delights I stumbled across when using Insta-Member, but the best way I can describe my feelings is this… It was nice to finally have a membership plugin that was obviously designed by another marketer – Not just some coder following orders.

Let me tell you, after running membership sites since 2005 – It’s about freaking time! Thanks again for helping me put my memberships on steroids guys – You have yourself a new raving fan!

– Chad Weber


Insta MemberI’ve used various membership plugins on my sites in the past but after using InstaMember I can finally say I have a real All-In-One solution. This plugin is so powerful yet deceptively easy to use it’s scary….

It has everything you would expect from a professional membership plugin but with some notable advantages and extra features over it’s competitors.

One of my favorite things about InstaMember is that it allows you to integrate your site with many different payment processors. And not just direct ones like Paypal but also third party affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVZoo, Nanacast etc. In total there is over 10 different payment platforms that you can use.

And the best thing of all is that InstaMember allows you to run more than one payment system at a time…. So in reality this means that you can sell your product on several different platforms (and attract different affiliates from each one) at the same time!!

You will still only have one sales page and InstaMember will display the correct buy button depending on where the traffic is coming from. Think how much time this one feature saves alone!

But really that is only the tip of the ice berg with this amazing plugin….

It’s very intuitive with the user Dashboard being very able to navigate and set-up. You also get some great info in this area such as; Income Summary and most recent Member Sign-Ups. You also get summary sales stats, no. affiliate sales, total revenue etc.

It can be easily integrated with all major auto responders and also with AWS which will protect any S3 hosted files that can be accessed within your membership site.

If you run webinars you can also set-up auto-registration for up to 7 webinars for your customers. Again this is all seamlessly configured within the plugin and is very easy to do.

You can also use InstaMember to run your own affiliate program when using one of the direct payment methods. This in itself is a hugely exciting feature and is worth the price of the plugin alone!

I could continue going through every feature that InstaMember offers but to be honest if I did that we’d be here all day! But I’d totally recommend you check it out if you are interested in using membership models in your business.

Membership sites have been long lauded as the easiest way to build recurring income online and with InstaMember you have the tool that will allow you to do this and so much more!

Some other awesome features which come with InstaMember are :

–    built in licensing feature for software and plugins

–    sales reports

–    affiliate stats

–    built in Support Desk

–    easy protect posts, pages, local files, S3 files

–    drip feed content

the list goes on, and on, and on!

I know after testing this plugin that this is the membership solution that I will be using on all my sites going forward. It’s easy to use and has so many benefits over it’s competitors (many of which I own…) and at only a fraction of the price.

Every once in a while a product comes online that changes the game – InstaMember is one of these products that can legitimately be called a Game Changer.

So if you’re interested in building a profitable, recurring membership sites without any of the hassle that comes with some plugins I’d highly recommend you check it out and pick up your copy before this introductory offer is closed forever!

To Your Membership Site Success!

Noel Cunningham.

Insta MemberThis plugin is simply the best membership plugin I have ever used, right from the start the instructions are comprehensive but easy to follow, I managed to get everything configured in less than ten minutes, and that included setting up a product, the sandbox features were clearly set out so I could even make sure I had done everything right, the security is also amazing , the range of payment gateways is just unbeatable, It integrates with pretty much anything anyone needs, and the fully functional integrated support desk just saved me hours of work. The shortcodes are simple to use and this makes creating a product a breeze. I’d be lost without this amazing tool.

– Leon Henry


Insta Member“Awesome Membership Plugin! If you are doing product launch or creating membership site then  Instamember is must have plugin. With the features like autoresponder & Facebook integration, set-up upsell and downsell, manage members & affiliates, in-build support-desk, Sales report and finally the most useful and great feature for me and any plugin or software developer which i found is Managing Licenses and Licensing API feature which i never found in any other plugin yet..

With this plugin i was able to set up my fully active new membership site within few hours (most of the time was spent in content and graphics other than that it was a few minutes work to set up membership site using InstaMember). Each and every part of plugin and its features are well explained in User Guide so i will recommend going through user guide after plugin installation to understand the functionality much better way.

I will give 10 out of 10 rating for this plugin. Great Work Guys..”

– Ajay Tiwari


Insta MemberIn the interest of full disclosure, I received a review copy of the InstaMember software plugin from Lester and I am blown away!

We are all busy in our businesses and it seems like time is in short supply. I have built a lot of different membership sites using various software programs, but this one is by far the fastest to set up and easiest to use.

The InstaMember software is also very self-explanatory. I found myself setting the whole thing up without even having to look at the user guide. Just to make sure I set everything up properly, I went through the documentation. The information is to the point and very easy to understand.

In conclusion, the software is top-notch with a ton of great features and I recommend it to anyone that wants or needs a membership website. You’d be crazy not to pick this up at this ridiculously low price.

– Jay Peete


Insta MemberI build launch sites for my own products and for clients, so I’m always on the lookout for better solutions. I’ve tried many, and not one has impressed me so quickly out of the box as InstaMember. It’s so intuitive, I was able to get almost everything set up on my own, only consulting the documentation twice. I tried to find a missing feature, but it’s all there.

The documentation deserves a word, as it is by far the best I’ve seen for a membership site product. Everything is well organized and professionally laid out with plenty of screenshot examples.

I look forward to using InstaMember on future launches!

– Pat Flanagan


Insta MemberSince having one of my product’s download page leaked on a blackhat site, I made the decision to protect every product from now on with a membership script.

I need something that is quick to install and set up, with as many features as I can afford and, more importantly, protects my products.

I was very impressed with Insta-Member as it fulfills ALL the requirements and more.

It is feature laden for a start with support desk, software licensing, drip feed contentand forced agreement to terms and conditions,which I believe is an FTC requirement for multi payment membership sites.

It was very easy to install and set up, as it’s a plugin. Upload, validate, done. I added my company info and pages (which I now know I should set up before installing Insta-Member, I was just in a hurry!) and created my initial product within about 20 minutes.

I was using OptimizePress as my theme and Insta-Member integrates perfectly with it. One thing to notice for other users of OP though; don’t use the ‘WP Secured’ template as users are not added to WordPress. This suits me better as they don’t have any privileges beyond the membership.

Another feature I like is the IM Handler page. It automatically creates login/out pages, support desk, profile update and any other admin pages required.

Overall, I found Insta-Member to be extremely user friendly and, for the number of features, I would have expected the price to be higher, which I have no doubt it will be.

So to anyone on the fence about Insta-Member, I say ‘Go for it!’ You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks again, Lester.

– David Taylor


Insta MemberI have to say this product is FANTASTIC!. I’ve used other membership products that were complex to setup and implement and very time consuming. Fortunately InstaMember is clear concise and easy to setup. I had the documentation handy but I didn’t need it. I was able to setup a complete membership site in less than 15 minutes, with no reference materials needed! A big HELL YA!! The interface is highly intuitive and easy to setup and configure.

All of the features in this product are too numerous to mention here, that’s what the sales page and videos are for. Let me sum it up with, this product has anything and more you could ever want in a membership plugin, In my opinion. It is much easier to use and more functional than the number one membership plugin on the market, whose name will I will not mention, but gee I “wished” it was as easy to use as InstaMember. No “Wishing” any longer, InstaMember does the job.

The only negative thing I have to say and I’m sure this will be corrected in future updates is, I’m a non conformist when it comes to autoresponders. I ditched the commercial ARs a few months ago and went with a self hosted solution. Currently InstaMember supports the major commercial AR only. Hopefully they will consider including an “Other” option for AR integration and allow the ability to hook in self hosted ARs. Even with that, InstaMember is the best membership plugin for WordPress I’ve seen. I rate this product at 4.5 stars out of 5.

– Steve Haase


Insta Member

Insta Member

With such outstanding features, why don’t You choose Insta Member for websites, for work, for your project. Grab it now!


Insta member


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Wish you have a good choice,


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