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WP Keyword Boss – Is Your Keyword Research Software Obsolete

WP Keyword Boss – Is Your Keyword Research Software Obsolete?


What is WP Keyword Boss?

WP Keyword Boss is the hottest new plugin in the town. It is creating so much buzz that we are getting messages even from Blackhat forums that they want to buy WP Keyword Boss Original Version. Now the version 2 is so much powerful that we are already receiving lots of people who are interested in getting on board asap. :)

WP-Keyword-Boss-reviewWP Keyword Boss Overview

Vendor: Nick Cooper
Product: WP Keyword Boss
Launch Date: 2013-09-10
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27
Official Website: Visit Official Website WP Keyword Boss
Bonus: Yes – Clicking here
Niche: SEO & Traffic

WP Keyword Boss Review

WP Keyword Boss V1 is a powerful wordpress plugin which helps you in your keyword research by generating keywords from Google suggestion scraper, Google Trends, Alexa Hot Searches, Alexa Hot Products, Amazon Movers And Shakers, Amazon Best Seller, Amazon Hot New Releases And Amazon Goldbox Deals. Now in version 2, we have added a new source for the generation of keywords “Fetching the exact keywords the top 10 Pages are targetting”. Now this is the most powerful feature which is not present in the other keywords like Market Samurai ( $147 One time + $17 Monthly Fee), Micro Niche Finder ($97) and other keyword tools.

Also the another biggest addition in Version 2 is the ability to fetch the monthly search volume for all the keywords. Now this addition is one of the most requested feature by almost all of the buyers of previous version.

Once we select the keyword from the listed keywords, we can analyze the competition for the top 10 results on 3 different categories of metrics including On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Social SEO.

Now the most awesome thing about WP Keyword Boss is that it is blazing fast when it comes to keyword research and competition analysis and complete keyword research in just 2 to 3 minutes.

Also another biggest addition is the rank tracker feature. This feature itself is being sold at $37. Now we are going to package this as a module in the plugin and your subscribers are going to love this feature. :)

How About The Price Of WP Keyword Boss?

WP Keyword Boss Multi Site : $ 21 – $27 (Purchase : WP Keyword Boss Multi Site)

WP Keyword Boss Single Site : $13 – $17 (Purchase : WP Keyword Boss Single Site)

WP Keyword Boss Dev #OTO : $33 – $37 (Purchase : WP Keyword Boss Dev)

WP Keyword Boss Exit Pop : $14 (Purchase : WP Keyword Boss Exit Pop)


This tool uncovers keywords from 9 different sources including the exact keywords targetted by your competitors and completes the keyword research from generating keywords to competition analysis in just 2 minutes. Yes, that’s right!! This is blazing fast when compared to your obsolete keyword tools and also displays the powerful Social Signals evaluation feature which is not available in any of the keyword tools out. The best part is this plugin is 10X cheaper than all your keyword tools which are released so far. Get WP Keyword Boss Version 2 before they come into their senses and increase the price:

P.S. Just wanted to let you know that WP Keyword Boss is being sold on a dimesale. Get in early to pick it up at the lowest possible price.

Thanks for reading my short review WP Keyword Boss blog. To Download WP Keyword Boss, Please click the button below:


WP Keyword Boss

Please check my HUGE Bonus Package at here!

WP Keyword Boss

To your success online!

David Quan


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