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What is Keyword Organizer Review?

Keyword Organizer Review is a software tool that helps you manage & organize thousands of keywords, arrange web articles, and write SEO-Optimized website content.

You’re probably familiar with the infamous Google Keyword Tool. And you’ve probably spent some time diving into its CSV files–attempting to organize this data into a logical content strategy. Perhaps you’ve tried to create SEO-optimized documents for your website, and found that, squeezing all those keywords into your articles was a bit tricky.

Well now there’s a tool Keyword Organizer that will wrangle all this incoming CSV data for you. It will organize your content and even help you create your articles. After over three years in development, our app Keyword Organizer is finally done!

Keyword Organizer Overview


Vendor: Mark Thompson
Product: Keyword Organizer
Launch Date: 2013-09-03
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $37
Official Website: Visit Official Website Keyword Organizer
Bonus: Yes – Clicking here
Niche: Software

Content Strategy Basics Of Keyword Organizer

Keyword Organizer Create and deploy keyword-optimized content :

  1. What is a Content Strategy and why is it important?
  2. Finding Keywords
  3. Selecting the right keywords for your website.
  4. Plan a Content Strategy and Cluster your keywords.
  5. Create your article titles
  6. Write your article and use your keywords in the article content.
Keyword Organizer Review

Keyword Organizer Review

What can Keyword Organizer do for you?

Let’s list a few ways you might use the app in your business:

  • Keyword-Organizer-SoftwareImport CSV files from the Google Keyword Tool : Using the good ol’ free Google Keyword Tool is great. It produces an un-ending supply of great keywords – from which you can create content on your website. But there’s a problem. If you’ve ever actually sat down and tired to arrange these CSV files into a viable content strategy, then it becomes clear very fast how difficult the task is. Keyword Organizer has been specifically designed to tame Google’s CSV files for you. It gobbles up their data and displays the goods elegantly–in a clean, minimalistic interface that you’ll find very easy to use.
  • Separate the good keywords from the bad keywords : When you’ve got a few thousand keywords on your plate, then the job of determining which keywords you’re going to go far, can be a bit daunting. Keyword Organizer has a a sophisticated assortment of sorting, searching, and categorization tools–all designed to help you weed out the keywords you don’t need, and arrange the keywords you’d like to target.
  • Assign your keywords to article groups : Ultimately, your job in the creation of on-site content, primarily comes down to assigning keywords to logical clusters. In SEO, we create content resources out of these clusters. And these resources act as the lure that draws in search engine visitors to our website. Keyword Organizer allows you to type in partial article titles (or concepts) and prompt Google to fill in the blank.
  • Create SEO-optimized web content : Once you finally know which keywords you’d like to use in your content strategy, you need to actually write your article. And, in SEO, we’ll need to pepper in our keywords into various locations in our article content. Keyword Organizer examines your content while you type. And the keywords themselves will change color, based on if they do, or do not, appear in the article content.
  • Export your content directly to WordPress : Writing a batch of articles for your website is hard enough. But actually publishing the content (one-by-one) to your website can be quite a chore. Keyword Organizer was designed to talk to the free WordPress CSV Importer plugin. So once your content is all done, with the press of a button, you can export all your content articles to your WordPress installation.
Keyword Organizer Review

Keyword Organizer Review

How About The Price Of Keyword Organizer FE And OTOs?

Keyword Organizer – Lite Version : $27 (Purchase : Keyword Organizer – Lite Version)

Keyword Organizer – Pro Version : $37 (Purchase : Keyword Organizer – Pro Version)

Keyword Organizer – Keyword Researcher OTO #1 :$47 (Keyword Researcher helps you find thousands of Long Tail keyword phrases by scraping Google’s massive Autocomplete database.) (Purchase : Keyword Organizer – Keyword Researcher OTO#1)

Keyword Organizer – SEO Tutor Training OTO #2 : $27 (Purchase : Keyword Organizer – OTO#2a)

How About the Bonus Of Keyword Organizer?

  • Bonus related Keyword Organizer :
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    • Bonus #2:  WP Easy Links
    • Bonus #3: Easy SEO Plugin
    • Bonus #4:  Local Keyword Raptor


Keyword Organizer is A Search Engine Optimization software tool that helps you manage & organize thousands of keywords, arrange web articles, and write SEO-Optimized website content. Keyword Organizer helps you layout a content strategy and create SEO-Optimized articles for your website.

If you have ever used the Google Keyword Tool even one time, then you need to check this out. Say goodbye to CSV files and arranging your content in complicated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Keyword Organizer was built by Internet Marketers, for Internet Marketers.

Specifically designed to make the entire SEO process flow smoothly. From keyword generation to content publishing, to all the steps in between. We’ve tried to think of everything.

P.S.S : Keyword Organizer Limited time OFFER with 7 Day discount 60%( $27 ===> $77). So Before too late, Grap it Inaction Now!

Thanks for reading my short Keyword Organizer Review blog. To Download Keyword Organizer, Please click the button below:

Keyword Organizer Review

Keyword Organizer Review

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Keyword Organizer Review

To your success online!

David Quan

Keyword Organizer Software
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  1. Can’t believe they actually made it mandatory to use this tool. They atl east allow options, I mean we are in the USA.

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