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WHM Tutorials PLR Package Review How to Start a PLR Business?

WHM Tutorials PLR Package – How to Start a PLR Business?

WHM Tutorials PLR Package
Are you looking for The Honest WHM Tutorials PLR Package?

WHM Tutorials PLR Package Overview

Vendor: Liz Tomey
Product: WHM Tutorials PLR Package
Launch Date: 2013-09-03
Launch Time: 12:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $15
Official website: visit Official website WHM Tutorials PLR Package
bonus: Yes – clicking here
Niche: General

WHM Tutorials PLR Package Review

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what PLR is. Maybe you’ve even purchased PLR for your own website because it’s affordable and perfect for adding to your niche websites. Perhaps you’ve even bought it, changed it, and given it away as a way to build a list of subscribers.

But have you ever thought of actually starting your own business selling PLR content? Not only is it a popular business model, but it’s a lucrative one too. In fact, many people are succeeding with the PLR content business model right now.

The following is a very basic method to getting started as a PLR content provider. The idea would be to start with something like this, then expand once you have some success.

First you would want to create a website around your new PLR content business. You can register a new domain at or I recommend simply starting the website with your name followed by the letters PLR. Don’t put too much thought into choosing a name.

After you can use WordPress and in many cases find a free theme to get started. Next you build a list of people interested in buying PLR content. There are many quality sources online to learn how to get traffic to your new site and capture the emails of your potential clients using a WordPress platform. You could start by Googling, “list building tips” and find some very good methods. The idea is to choose ONE and stick with it until you get some success.

Next you simply start to write content that you plan to sell for PLR. It’s best to write for evergreen niches, (niches that are always full of active buyers) These niches generally include those in health, making money online, and dating. Then you simply add this content to a page on your site where you list PLR content for sell and send a email to your growing list making them aware of your new content. There are obviously many other ways you can spread the word about your content, but this is a simple and very effective way to get started quickly and get money coming in.

Here are some questions to honestly ask yourself to see if this business model is a good fit for you:

Do you like to write? Like, a lot?

Do you enjoy researching topics you don’t know much about?

Do you know how to set up a blog? If not, are you willing to find out how and/or pay someone to help you?

Enjoying the writing process is important because you’re going to be doing a lot of it! You don’t have to be an amazing writer, frankly because PLR content is really meant to win any contests; it’s main objective is to fill a need in the market for good, solid research content for online and offline projects. Many times the buyer will adjust the content or only use bits and pieces of it to add to their own stuff.

Researching content is also something that you will doing a lot of.  At first it might seem a little intimidating to write on a topic you know nothing about, but thanks to the Internet it’s very easy to find good info on virtually any topic. You simply do a search, read up on it and then write about, perhaps 5 points you want to make in your article. Write out a nice paragraph for each point, add an intro and a conclusion and that’s it!

While it’s relatively easy to sell PLR content without a website, for example selling your content on the Warrior Forum as a WSO, (Warrior Special Offer) it’s a good idea to have a “home base” for your content where people can keep coming back to find what you have. So, I believe it’s a good idea to develop a website like a mentioned above… Start simple, and as you grow, make it better. As the saying goes in the online marketing world, just get it going, then focus on getting it right.

So looking at this business as a startup idea, I believe it’s an extremely viable solution to getting started online. For the price of a domain name, you can have a site

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.  But it can certainly be a great source of passive income to add to your online business.

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To your success online!

David Quan


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