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Kindle Romance Novel Plots Review – Volume 4

Kindle Romance Novel Plots Review – Volume 4

Kindle Romance Novel Plots - Volume 4

Kindle Romance Novel Plots Overview

Vendor: Amber Jalink
Product: Kindle Romance Novel Plots Volume 4 Review
Launch Date: 2013-08-07
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $17
Official Page:
Bonus: Yes – Clicking Here
Niche: Kindle, Writing

What are the details about this Kindle Romance Novel Plots – Volume 4 Review product?

Look, we all know there’s tons of products out there to help people get their kindle careers flowing. There’s tricks, tips, and different ways people can come up with content.

I know for a fact, many writers have to deal with writer’s block, especially when it comes to novels. Sometimes they can think of a plot, but they just can’t get their book to progress.

You may have heard about my previous versions… Kindle Plots Volumes 1-3. And maybe you haven’t… that’s okay.

The fact is – these romance novel plot ideas sold well (over 100+ sales each edition)… and that was entirely WITHOUT JV’s of any kind. No hype, no pre-announcements in any way.

Actually, I still get sales from Kindle Romance Novel Plots volumes 1-3, as recent as this morning! And yet these products launched well over a year ago. (Volume 3 launched in July 2012).

After many emails from previous buyers to put out another version, I’m releasing “Kindle Romance Novel Plots Volume 4”.

So what’s in Kindle Romance Novel Plots – Volume 4 Review?

  • 20 plots that are great for romance novels, suspense, action, whatever you want to change it to
  • PLUS an additional 5 bonus plots.But these bonus plots aren’t just any regular plots… they’re interactive plots! They can have 2-4 different endings, OR they can go 2-4 completely different ways! So they can actually be up to 4 different books, all stemming from the same concept.
  • BONUS Report – Interactive Plots explained, and how to maximize profits

But, if you don’t know me, you might be wondering why you should bother promoting it? What kind of products do I produce? Garbage, or things people love?

Here’s a few simple facts about Amber Jalink:

  • I’ve been marketing on the internet since May of 1997. (Yep, 16 yrs now!)
  • Marketing online has been my full time career since then. (Yep, exclusively online).
  • I’m one of the first members of the Warrior Forum when Allen started it
  • I started one of the very first “biz opp” ezines on the internet… I’ve since ended it as I no longer push “biz opp” stuff, however, I still have many customers who came from those lists back then. (Obviously I don’t create garbage!)
  • I started one of the very first article directories online (yes, before ezine articles!) – it actually was created because of all the articles that people started submitting to our newsletter back in 1998… you might know of it – (Sorry, it’s due for an update, but hasn’t been my #1 priority these days from that aspect, but it IS in the works with some really cool new features!)
  • I’ve sold over 100 copies of EVERY previous edition of Kindle plots, without any jvs or launch announcements wplus-kindlesaleskpv3-stats

But Kindle Romance Novel Plots Review – Volume 4 are not the only product I’ve created. To be honest, the kindle plots stemmed from simply having over 150 plots in my head (and on paper) that I knew I never had time to write all myself. I saw people posting, ASKING where they can get plot ideas, and no one had anything to help. Hence, I created Kindle Plots.

My main sellers however, is my app program. So just so you know that I do have bigger sales numbers behind me…. Here’s the recent JVZoo top products of the day/month stats (as of this morning):


And that product has some major enhancements and changes coming… but that’s for another time :)

What about the Kindle Romance Novel Plots – Volume 4 OTO?

The Kindle Romance Novel Plots Review – Volume 4 OTO is still a bit of a secret, when it’s ready (graphics), I’ll let you know all the details. In short, it will be available for $47 (one time).

There “may” be a second OTO that I’m leaning to adding in.

Final info on those will be posted soon.

What about the sales letter?

The sales letter was created by Jesse Forrest, Copywriter who has created sales letters for some of the “top gurus” such as:

  • Dale Beaumont – Australia’s most prolific author of 16 best selling books
  • Anik Singal –
  • Alex Mandossian –
  • Holly Cotter – President of Prosperity Marketing Solutions, LLC

And many others.

What happens after August 13th?

On August 14th, it gets pulled from the WF, and goes to the official site – with an increase in price to $27 (or higher, if I choose to combine all products into one big one, which I am considering).

Thanks for visiting my Kindle Romance Novel Plots Volume 4 Review blog

PS: Please remember to claim the bonus package as my present for who get Kindle Romance Novel Plots Volume 4 through my site.


Kindle Romance Novel Plots - Volume 4

Kindle Romance Novel Plots - Volume 4 Download


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