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WP Snapper 2.0 Review – Should Buy It?

What is WP Snapper 2.0 Review? WP Snapper 2.0 Review is a new Revolutinary WordPress Backup and Restore ENGINE! Yes, I said ENGINE because it is copying or backing up and restoring sites on STEROIDS! And now, WP Snapper 2.o Will Coming, A New Cloning Engine From Ricky Mataka & Micheal Young! WP Snapper 2.0 is Fast, WP Snapper 2.0 is Easy and WP Snapper 2.0 is CHEAP! IF you have ever wondered if there was a solution that would help you backup and restore your blogs on other servers or locations without having to deal with FTP, MySQL and other coding mumbo Jumbo then the WP Snapper 2.0 by Ricky Mataka is the solution. What he has done actually is that he has taken the coding and the complex part out of the equation, all you gotto do is click-click-POINT-click-click. It just … [Read more...]

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